Clients, Coworkers & Associates 

We are so so happy with the website. We've received nothing but positive feedback. You did a kick-ass job!!

Timy Fairfield & Brandi Proffitt
Chalk Cartel, owners

Scott helped give me the push I needed to get my second gym open, and to buy two more. I couldn't have done it without him.

Dan Howley

The Spot Climbing Gyms, founder/owner

Scott was instrumental getting Kilter off the ground, and keeping us looking good ever since. He's a workhorse.

Ian Powell

Kilter Climbing Grips, founder/owner

Since I met Scott over 20 years ago he has always driven his projects forward with great passion and authenticity.

Anne-Worley Moelter

Movement Climbing + Fitness, founder

Scott helped us become recognized and valued in our community, literally transforming our organization. He is generous with his time and energy.

Roger Briggs

Boulder Climbing Community, founder