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Need To Reach Climbers?

Climbing is one of the fastest-growing activities in the fitness, recreation and outdoor sports industries.

It's a diverse community that connects climbing gyms and crags across the world.

Need to reach them? To fill your new climbing gym? To help them find your products or services? I can help you.

For 25 years I've been reaching climbers. The channels have evolved in that time, as well as the culture. But at the core climbing has not. It's still a wonderfully healthy activity. It deserves to be found, something that can change your life for the better.


That's why I still love reaching climbers after these decades. I know it can be so good for them.



You have a unique story to tell the world, framed by the confluence of your offering, the journey you've made, and where you are headed.

We help you tell that story... authentically, grounded in the culture of climbing. Then we deliver it to those who need to hear it the most.

Let us help you reach climbers.

 > Storytelling in words and images

 > Distribution channel management

 > Partner and influencer relationships

 > Campaign and event planning

 > Strategic positioning




Over 25 years Scott Rennak has established a reputation for honest dealing, tireless effort, and a deep desire to see his associates succeed. He has helped hundreds of small organizations and projects including facilities, manufacturers, service providers, media entities and non-profits. As the owner and publisher of Climbing Business Journal, Scott leads a team and has a network that can meet any need in the world of climbing. Learn more about Scott here.

"My marketing is now more streamlined with better processes and clear direction. I'm pleased as punch with the result."
- Leif Gasch, Substr8 Climbing Performance, owner

"We are so so happy with the website. We've received nothing but positive feedback. You did a kick-ass job!!"

- Timy Fairfield & Brandi Proffitt, Chalk Cartel, owners

"Scott helped give me the push I needed to get my second gym open, and to buy two more. I couldn't have done it without him."
- Dan Howley, The Spot Climbing Gyms, founder/owner

"Scott helped us become recognized and valued in our community, literally transforming our organization. He is generous with his time and energy."
- Roger Briggs, Boulder Climbing Community, founder


"Scott was instrumental getting Kilter off the ground, and keeping us looking good ever since. He's a workhorse."
- Ian Powell, Kilter Climbing Grips, founder/owner

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